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February 19, 2017
May 3, 2017

The Folding, BSA Airborne Paratrooper, this design finds its origins, as with other innovations, in the military requirements.

Some folding bike models were already presented in the past, since the early 1900s an attempt was made a division of the frame into smaller pieces, it is reassembled, but in many cases the lack of wheels with small size did not make the ride smoother .

Bersagliere bicycle, Italy 1925/34

In the Italian companies Edoardo Bianchi and Willier Triestina were the first to experiment with folding frames for Bersaglieri, though very heavy bikes and not for easy transport.

a soldier on a BSA Airborne on the field

During World War II, the bicycle BSA Paratrooper was launched by the British aircraft with a parachute attached to the wheels.

Technically: the handlebars and the saddle facing downwards were slightly extracted from just screwed pipes, in this way, at the moment of landing, the saddle and handlebar were within the respective tubes, thus softening the impact with the ground.

The designer of the BSA Airborne Paratrooper, was forced to create a foldable frame with the need to make the whole frame light. In this case a smaller bikes would be optimal, but with wheels larger soldiers were subsidized in moving on the ground, heads up to sixty kilometers.

BSA advertising for children

The obsolescence arising from military development decreed a minor use in this field, trying to develop new systems.

Trussardi re-designed BSA Airborne, luxury vs army

The same frame of BSA Airborne Paratrooper was recovered by the designer Trussardi, and overlaid the Paratrooper in civilian clothes, finishing some parts leather and side bags.

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