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May 11, 2017

Luigi Ganna and the first Giro D’ Italia.

“1909 was the year that marked a decisive turning point in my whole life.
I won the first Giro d’Italia, married my love, bought the house and the small workshop that was supposed to create the bicycles for the new champions
over time.
Even today, that I’m about to approach the seventy, I live in that house and around me the noise of the factory where every morning I go to look at chassis to touch handlebars and forks … the most expensive symbol of my existence. “

In 1908, In August precisely, the idea of ​​a cycling race was born among the best cyclists of the moment, imitating the Tour de France.
The Giro d’Italia: eight stages for a length of 2448.5 km. The ranking was at points: 1 point to first ranked, 2 to second, 3 to third, and so on.
At the start, there are 127 athletes. All runners had a leather bush attached to the handlebars with food, a bottle of water and a wine or “moonshine”
Risultati immagini per luigi ganna

Luigi Ganna Stamp

The start was on May 13, 1909 at 3 and few minutes in the morning, not in a central area of ​​Milan, Loreto square.
It was an incredible race: at the start there was a collective fall from which the Gerbi’s bicycle, one of the favorites, was wretched.
The last stage of the first Giro started on May 30, 1909. Ganna was in the lead but was forced to stop for a puncture: fortune favored him again by finding the first ciclysts a closed-level pass that reduced the separation, filled only Near Milan, near Musocco.
The arrival at the center of the Civic Arena was first cut off by the eighteen-year-old Beni, while Ganna followed the third. But with only 25 points, Luigi Ganna won the first Giro while Rossignoli, his great opponent, had well 15 more. At the Milan goal, only 50 cyclists from the 127 starters arrived.
Luigi Ganna, interviewed at the final arrival in Milan, seems to have said lazily:
“My ass burns a lot” (“Me brüsa tanto el cü”)
Risultati immagini per luigi ganna

Luigi Ganna, exhausted after arriving in Milan on the 1st Giro d’Italia in 1909

Luigi Ganna, 1883 from Induno Olona.

The young Luigi Ganna, a farmer’s son, took his bicycle every morning, stared at his handlebars with a loaf of bread and a bottle of sweetened water with a little bottle of wine, and went to work in Milan. Every day 100 km to go and return from Induno Olona to Milan to work ten hours as bricklayer (magütt).

Ganna during a stage, 1909.

Luigi Ganna’s dream was to buy a home and open a small bicycle building factory. With the victory at the Giro d’Italia “the bricks for the house were all”
In August 29, 1909, He becomes 50km Italian Champion in 1h 7’21 “.

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